Google can't do this.

Location History Visualizer Pro processes the raw Google Location History recorded by your smartphone and converts it into an interactive map.


View each individual location recorded, with second-by-second precision. See accuracy information for each point, by the meter and displayed visually on the map.

Search & Filter

View all points around a specific location: search by address, place name, or latitude and longitude. Filter points by accuracy, distance traveled, time, and more.


Highlight gaps in the data so they stand out for further analysis. Rapidly switch between location and date-based views. Mark points of interest using custom markers.


Process data recorded by any device with Google location services enabled—Android or iOS—and view it using any computer—Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Turn on the satellite

Enable satellite imagery directly in the viewer, in order to view locations themselves. Then enable the measurement tool for even more detailed investigation.

  • OpenStreetMap & Google Maps integration
  • On-map measurement & annotation tools available
  • Built-in reverse geocoding for cross-referencing
  • Enterprise only: Custom tile options (e.g. business-specific overlays)

Control everything

Filter by just about anything. Go from hundreds of thousands of locations to just the important few in a matter of minutes.

  • Intuitive filtering interface
  • Filters automatically saved between application runs
  • Display additional information about points at will
  • Enterprise only: Overlay supplementary phone call/text/GPS logs

Look around

Enter an address and instantly view all the points recorded around that location. Then tune your radius and desired filters.

  • Search by address, or latitude & longitude
  • Overlay satellite imagery & accuracy information
  • Display additional information about points at will
  • Enterprise only: Custom search modes based on phone data

Pin & peruse

Pin an unlimited number of locations of interest. Add custom comments. And import and export your pins for further analysis.

  • Highlight relevant locations (e.g. for evidence documentation)
  • Include precise latitude & longitude coordinates
  • Customize colors, labels, opacity, & visibility
  • Enterprise only: Export filtered results for external analysis

Our pricing

Both consumer and enterprise offerings are available.

$69 $49
one-time purchase w/ product hunt discountdiscount applied!
Mac, Windows, & Linux binaries included
Lifetime support guarantee
Install on unlimited personal computers
For personal, non-commercial, non-government use only
Pay with credit card or PayPal
per seat; one-time or subscription available
Everything in CONSUMER, plus:
24/7, SLA-backed Enterprise Support
Ability To Overlay & Search Phone Call/Text/GPS Records
Custom Features Available

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